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Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog

Your dog is your best friend, so why not go on an adventure with them? Of course taking your dog for a stroll around the neighborhood is great exercise and bonding experience but there are plenty of ways you can get creative to spend time with your furry friend. Treat your companion to a fantastic day you both won’t ever forget.

How to Spot Animal Abuse–What You Can Do

Animal cruelty comes in a few shapes and sizes, and is considered a felony in 48 states. Sometimes it’s deliberate, while other situations are unintentional. Whether the pet owner can no longer afford proper care or the animal wasn’t meant for domestication, Humane...

Stop Thinking of a New Pet as a Replacement

Life is a journey best experienced with a companion or two. That’s exactly why in the many years I’ve been on this planet (I’ll withhold exactly how many it’s been), I could count the times I’ve gone without a pet on one hand, and I suspect I’m not alone in this fact....