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The Animal Adoption Process

When adopting an animal, not only are you gaining a new best friend, but you are also giving a pet a forever home. When looking into adopting an animal, it’s important to know the facts first. Many people make the mistake of taking home a pet from a store or...

Where to Adopt Your Next Pet: Pros and Cons

You’re considering to adopt a pet. You may have the type of pet you want, presumably a cat or a dog, and maybe you’ve compared the breed. Perhaps you even have a great idea of what companion you’re looking for. On the other hand, it’s possible that you’re just looking for any kind of fur companion to fit into your family. As you look for where to adopt your pet, you’ve most likely seen the numerous options for pet adoptions. So is there a difference between adopting a pet from your local Humane Society or from a reputable animal rescue? There are pros and cons to all sides of the pet adoption fence. Let’s explore.

All About the ASPCA

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a large non-profit organization dedicated to fight for the rights of animals and preventing animal cruelty. With a vast amount of organizations protecting animals from cruelty, it’s important to understand the many differences between organizations, shelters and adoption services. As the first humane society established in the United States, here are some things the ASPCA wants you to know.

Pets Preventing Allergies

Childhood allergies can develop at an early age. Parents are cautious of what they feed to their children, and also what they bring their children near. Recent studies have found that any infant can develop allergies when their body is exposed to anything their immune system deems as “foreign” which causes the reaction. Although allergies can develop in early stages or later in life, studies have shown that a pet such as a cat or dog in an infant’s life can prevent their allergy later on.

Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog

Your dog is your best friend, so why not go on an adventure with them? Of course taking your dog for a stroll around the neighborhood is great exercise and bonding experience but there are plenty of ways you can get creative to spend time with your furry friend. Treat your companion to a fantastic day you both won’t ever forget.