Big cats like lions and tigers are amongst the world’s fiercest and most beautiful animals. However, certain activities threaten their viability and existence. Ergo, animal care groups opine that participation in big cat rescues is extremely important.

Preventing Capture
Many poachers or other potentially unscrupulous individuals stealthily peruse regions inhabited by big cats for the purpose of capture. Captured animals are then sold to wealthy individuals or caged inside zoos. These animals were meant to roam free. Having their space-limited often causes anxiety and can precipitate health issues and even premature death. 

Ending Exploitation
Captured big cats are typically subject to exploitation. Individuals or entities that capture these animals against their will often use them to make a lofty profit in illegal animal trades or other shady endeavors. 

Stopping Family Separation
When many big cats are captured, only the large adult animals are taken. In such instances, family separation occurs when mothers become separated from their cubs. Cubs who are separated from their mothers are typically not yet wise or mature enough to survive on their own. The end result is often the needless and preventable deaths of these young animals. 

Ceasing Abuse
Big cats that ultimately land in captivity are often subject to significant abuse levels. Trainers, handlers, and overseers often use physical force and coercion to subjugate these animals into becoming submissive and obedient. Such tactics can precipitate severe anxiety and stress that might ultimately lead to the animals in question becoming ill. 

Ending Poor living Conditions
In addition to frequent incidents of abuse, big cats in captivity often live in deplorable conditions. Animals are sometimes not given proper food and clean water. Moreover, they are forced to reside in relatively small and enclosed spaces that are dirty and not well maintained. 

Actions Concerned People Can Take
Those concerned with preserving the lives and natural habitats of big cats are encouraged to execute actions such as: 

Working Towards Enacting Stricter Laws
Granted, even the toughest laws do not prevent malfeasant individuals from engaging in illegal activities. However, enacting stricter laws with stiffer penalties could deter certain persons or entities who partake in big cat-threatening actions. 

Supporting Animal Preserves 
Those who possess the financial capacity are encouraged to support organizations lions committed to exposing malfeasant actions against these animals and providing safe havens for those in need.