Pets Preventing Childhood Allergies 

Childhood allergies can develop at an early age. Parents are cautious of what they feed to their children, and also what they bring their children near. Recent studies have found that any infant can develop allergies when their body is exposed to anything their immune system deems as “foreign” which causes the reaction. Although allergies can develop in early stages or later in life, studies have shown that a pet such as a cat or dog in an infant’s life can prevent their allergy later on.


Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog by Anatoly Vanetik 

Get creative and take your dog out into the world with you. Anatoly touches on some fun activities you might do on a regular basis, but surprisingly, you can take your dog next time! Owning a dog takes a lot of work, but here are some great ways you can have fun with your dog in a not-so-typical adventure.


Health Benefits of Owning a Dog by Anatoly Vanetik


Adopting a dog is a process. Owning a dog requires responsibility and effort, however there are many benefits dog owners see from having a furry companion. Anatoly talks about a few benefits to your health just from owning a dog.