Since 1954, the Humane Society of the United States has been working to improve the welfare of animals. Though most people are aware that the Humane Society helps out with various animal issues, many are not very clear on what the organization does. In general, this nonprofit organization aims to resolve animal cruelty, such as the fur trade, factory farming, puppy mills, and wildlife abuse. These are the steps they take to address these problems.

Animal Rescue
The Humane Society mostly offers aid and guidance to local shelters instead of running shelters themselves, but they do have some direct animal rescue programs. These do things like rescue dogs from fighting rings and socialize the dogs until it is safe for the animals to go to good homes. They also have veterinary programs that treat animals in impoverished areas.

Legal Action
The Humane Society believes that legal action is one of the best ways to handle animal cruelty on an industrial scale. Their lawyers and lobbyists work with local, state, and federal law organizations to try to pass laws that regulate how animals can be treated.

Awareness Campaigns
A lot of animal cruelty problems can be resolved by changing the attitudes of people. The society uses billboards, internet ads, pamphlets, and commercials to make people aware of the cruelty in various industries. For example, the Human Society’s awareness campaigns that showed the cruelty of the fur trade have been largely credited with shifts towards a preference for faux fur.

Investigations Into Cruelty
A major problem with animal cruelty is that it often goes unnoticed. The Human Society has a whole team of investigators and scientists who launch probes into things like animal testing facilities and whale fishing companies to determine how animals are being treated. This gives them the information they need to do things like launch public awareness campaigns or petition for legal changes.

Wildlife Sanctuaries
The Humane Society is not just concerned with the abuse of domestic animals. They also want to ensure that wild animals have safe habitats to flourish. The society has used many donations to establish over 35 different wildlife sanctuaries throughout the United States.

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