Many people love animals and strive to protect their rights and safety. This brief blog highlights several ways individuals can work to improve animal welfare.

Provide Animals A Voice
Concerned individuals can provide a voice for their animal friends. Since animals do not possess the capability to speak up for themselves, said creatures rely on humans to bring their plights to the powers that be. By speaking on their behalf, an increased number of animal concerns can be raised, which might precipitate the adoption of protective actions.

Become Educated And Teach Others
Those concerned with animal welfare are encouraged to educate themselves on issues pertinent to said creatures, as well as educate others on such subjects. The accumulation and dissemination of this knowledge could generate a growing interest in animal causes and stimulate a burgeoning desire amongst people to help them.

Preserve The Environment
A healthy and clean environment is vital to all creatures. However, clean water sources and air are more critical to animals because they live in and around said environments. Individuals can improve the environment by executing actions such as not polluting water sources and cutting down the emission of toxic particles into the air.

Instill Animal Love In Young People
Instilling the ideal approach of animal welfare into young people can elicit a lifelong impact. Children often follow the guidance of their parents and other influential adults. If their elders exhibit love and care for animals, there are a good chance youngsters will do the same over their lifetimes.

Employ Brutal Honesty
Sometimes one of the most direct and effective methods of invoking change or piquing interest in a specific cause is to utilize a brutally honest approach. In regards to animal welfare, said action might require showing graphic images of how certain animals are killed to provide human food sources or how some creatures are mistreated for entertainment purposes or sport. An “in your face” approach may be uncomfortable but said the method could certainly open many eyes.

Donate Funds
There are numerous local, national and international organizations and agencies that work to improve the lives of animals. However, many of these said entities operate off the funds they receive from donors. Donating funds to such institutions could play a critical role in ensuring said organizations continue to promote animal welfare and create programs that put thoughts into actions.

About The Author
Anatoly Vanetik is a Businessman and Oil and Gas Expert residing in Orange County, California. He brings over 30 years of professional experience working as an entrepreneur, and remains active as the President and Chairman for his company, Vanetik & Associates. Anatoly Vanetik is also passionate about art history and animal welfare, and has been an active supporter of animal organizations around California. He maintains an active monthly blog on animal welfare, providing helpful tips on giving back, as well as highlighting great animal organizations. 

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