Your dog is your best friend, so why not go on an adventure with them? Of course taking your dog for a stroll around the neighborhood is great exercise and bonding experience but there are plenty of ways you can get creative to spend time with your furry friend. Treat your companion to a fantastic day you both won’t ever forget.

Dog Park

A standard dog park is a great way you and your dog can socialize. While your dog plays with other dogs at the park, you can talk to other dog owners. Dog parks are great for any dog that needs proper exercise but doesn’t have access to a large enough back yard. Allow your pup to stretch their legs and play some fetch while you’re at it.


If your dog means so much to you, let a photographer capture that love. When you see family portraits, especially on Christmas cards, families often include their dogs. This is a common trend and you’ll appreciate having those photos of you and your dog to keep forever, even after they’ve passed.

Dinner Date

Want to go out for a sweet treat and bring your dog? Now you can! Certain restaurants actually have a menu for dogs, even if they don’t display it. Starbucks has what is called a “pup cup” which is full of whipped cream for your dog. In ‘N’ Out Burger has a “pup patty” for your dog so you both can enjoy a good burger together. If you want a nice meal and want to include your dog, have a dinner date.


Some dogs love to swim. If you have an adventurous soul, get on the water and kayak. You can take your dog with you! Check out the best kayaks for dogs and make sure your dog can swim before you go. You’ll have a nice day on the lake with your pup pal. Dogs who love to swim will love a nice kayak ride, you just have to make sure your balance is top notch so you don’t fall in!

Pet Party

Celebrate your pet! Invite your friends and family to bring their pet friends over for a nice pet party. Have a backyard cookout or meet at a park for a picnic. Your dogs will enjoy the attention and you’ll get to give your dog the party of his/her life.

Road Trip

Bring your dog out on the open road. Go sightseeing with your dog. Stroll in the sun with the windows down! If you and your dog love adventure, this trip is for you. This is a fantastic way to get out of your house and make memories with your best companion.