As human beings, it is our responsibility to care for the animals that we own, as well as animals that do not have a permanent home. During the summer months, animal shelters can quickly become overwhelmed with the number of animals that are coming in needing shelter, food, and water. Unfortunately, overcrowding means that some of these animals will have to be put down, even though they may be an overall healthy animal. To reduce the number of animals that need to be put down, more companies around the United States have begun implementing animal welfare into their corporate philanthropy. Let’s look at some of the best animal welfare programs through corporate philanthropy. 

While some people only know Bissell by their popular vacuums, but Bissell’s work in the community goes much deeper. As part of its commitment to the animals in their community, Bissell opened by the Bissell Pet Foundation in 2011 as a way to help improve animal welfare and has become known as a major advocate. The foundation has helped save over 87,000 animals by assisting various animal welfare organizations. Learn more about The Bissell Pet Foundation here.

Amazon Smile
It is not a secret that Amazon has been pushing a lot more focus on philanthropy and community service in recent years. As part of the expansion, the company giant created Amazon Smile. With Amazon Smile, you can choose to donate .5% of your purchase to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or you can choose an animal welfare organization that you support. Amazon’s philanthropic efforts have helped more companies incorporate a similar program for their customers. Learn More About Amazon Smile here.

Build A Bear Workshop
Known as one of the giants in children’s toys, Build A Bear Workshop has established itself as a leader in America’s economy since opening in 1997. Through their Build A Bear Foundation, the company has remained active in the community. They support numerous animal welfare organizations, including 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, Danbury Animal Welfare Society, Red Rover, and Oregon Greyhound Adoption. Learn more about the Build a Bear Foundation here.

There are countless companies around the country that have begun incorporating animal welfare into their philanthropy. 

About The Author
Anatoly Vanetik is a Businessman and Oil and Gas Expert residing in Orange County, California. He brings over 30 years of professional experience working as an entrepreneur, and remains active as the President and Chairman for his company, Vanetik & Associates. Anatoly Vanetik is also passionate about art history and animal welfare, and has been an active supporter of animal organizations around California. He maintains an active monthly blog on animal welfare, providing helpful tips on giving back, as well as highlighting great animal organizations. 

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