The saying “A dog is man’s best friend” may be true if you have a four-legged pal to call your own. It’s also true in the case of your health. On top of having a fur companion to play with and take on walks, owning a dog can benefit your overall health in many ways.

To some extent, companionship is needed beyond just having another human in your life. The friendship build between a dog and it’s owner is an incredible bond that’s often hard to grasp complete understanding of, in the best way. The love between a dog and their owner is more than a simple bond.


Mental Happiness

It’s a proven fact that dogs can boost your mood, improving your overall happiness. Through the physical motion of petting your dog and spending a few minutes can reduce your stress levels and relieve anxiety. Your dog will always be there for you to cuddle with, talk to without interruption, and lessen your loneliness.


Physical Health

A dog needs fresh air and the outdoors to use the bathroom and get their exercise. Taking your dog for a walk with increase your physical activity and overall health. Owners who walk their dogs have lower blood pressure than someone without a dog. A dog will be your accountability to keep your health in tip top shape. Not only are walks healthy for you, they’re healthy for the dog too.


Medicine-free Therapy

Dogs can help treat conditions and may reduce the amount of medicine their owner has to take. Dogs can reduce rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic illnesses. Playing with and caring for a dog offers great distraction outlet for anyone with physical or mental health issues. ADHD in children can be treated with therapy through dogs.  Coping with a chronic illness is made easier through owning a dog.


Social Skills

When you take your dog for a walk, to the park, or even to get a new toy from the store, you’ll notice interactions with people. A dog can help increase social skills through public interactions. Strangers will compliment you on your dog and want to pet him/her.



You dog will unconditionally love you as long as he/she is with you. When given proper care and attention, your dog has every reason to think you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Your confidence will climb when you come home from work and you’re greeted with a tail wag. Dogs have a connection with their owners to the point where dogs become heros and literally come to the rescue. You will be your dog’s hero just as much as they’ll be yours.