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Anatoly Vanetik


The Anatoly Vanetik that many people know now in 2016 closely mirrors the Tony Vanetik that they knew in the past. Though he’s grown and matured as a businessman, founding numerous businesses and partnering with his son Yuri when possible, Anatoly’s passions and interests haven’t changed. Even in the midst of building his venture consulting firm Vanetik & Associates, pouring his time, money and efforts into establishing Vanetik as a powerhouse name in the venture capital world, Anatoly never lost sight of the things he kept closest to his heart.

anatoly vanetikWhile growing up in Russia during his youth, Anatoly “Tony” Vanetik took a fondness for animals and animal welfare. While others see dogs as pets, Anatoly prefers to look at them as real companions who will follow him around the house and throughout his life.  Embodying the phrase “man’s best friend,” Vanetik considers the opportunity for humans to become the parallel as dog’s best friends. The mantra of “treat others how you would like to be treated” resonated with Anatoly during his childhood, as he took it upon himself to ensure that he treated not just his friends, family and fellow humans with kindness, but animals as well.

Anatoly Vanetik’s fondness and involvement with animal welfare hasn’t waned in recent years. To this day, Anatoly continues to contribute to animal shelters in the Orange County, California area and sponsors lighthearted, fun, animal-based events when possible. Included in that list is the Dapper Dog Social, an event so interesting that it’s worth checking out for yourself if you have the opportunity.

Outside of his animal activism and love of dogs, Anatoly has continued to stay involved with his business ventures. A noted leader in the oil, gas and petroleum industry, Anatoly maintains a blog at where he frequently writes on industry news, short commentary pieces and gives his opinion on where the industry is headed.

Anatoly also maintains an art blog, where he is currently working his way through the history of art, starting way back in the Stone Age and working his way through modern and contemporary art.

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